Monday, October 27, 2008

Hepcat - Right On Time

Very good Roots Ska Revival album. A modern version of the classic ska sound, mixing in R&B, Jazz, and some Rocksteady, but still remaining loyal to the original ska.
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1. Right on Time - Hepcat, Lee, Pop
2. I Can't Wait - Hepcat, Lee, Greg
3. Goodbye Street - Hepcat, Lee, Pop
4. The Secret - Hepcat, Berry, Deston
5. Pharoah's Dreams - Hepcat, Trujillo, Lino
6. No Worries - Hepcat, Lee, Greg
7. Mama Used to Say - Hepcat, Lee, Greg
8. Rudies All Around - Hepcat, White, Joe
9. Tommy's Song - Hepcat, Berry, Deston
10. Nigel - Hepcat, Bongo, Nigel Winsto
11. Together Someday - Hepcat, Berry, Deston
12. Baby Blues - Hepcat, Santana, Efren
13. Open Season....Is Closed - Hepcat, Desert, Alex

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Construction Updates

Still no work on the header. But I think the simple black and white look is good for this blog. I've done a little formatting work on the sidebar, and I've added a "Ska Radio" powered by I haven't thoroughly tested it, but it's based on everything tagged "Ska" so it should work out fine.
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The Aquabats! vs The Floating Eye of Death! And Other Amazing Adventures Vol. 1

I absolutely love this album. It's impossible not to have fun while you're listening to the Aquabats.


  1. "Sequence Erase!" – 3:10
  2. "Giant Robot-Birdhead!" – 2:34
  3. "Anti-Matter!" – 2:47
  4. "Lotto Fever!" – 3:29
  5. "Lovers Of Loving Love!" – 2:42
  6. "Chemical Bomb!" – 3:08
  7. "The Man With Glooey Hands!" – 2:23
  8. "Monsters Wedding!" – 4:16
  9. "The Ballad Of Mr. Bonkers!" – 3:42
  10. "Canis Lupus!" – 3:01
  11. "Tiny Pants!" – 3:10
  12. "The Thing On The Bass Amp!" – 4:14
  13. "Amino Man!" – 2:50
  14. "Hello, Good Night!" – 3:36

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Toasters - Don't Let the Bastards Grind You Down

This album is one of my favorite Ska albums of all time. It is completely different than the Toasters' earlier work, as this is more mature, and more reigned in. As a fan of both the early Toasters and the modern Toasters, I can say that this album only continues on the great work the Toasters had laid down.
Highly Recommended.
Toasters' Allmusic / Toasters' WikiPedia Entry

  1. "Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down" - 2:51
  2. "Fire In My Soul" - 3:54
  3. "I'm Running Right Through The World" - 3:50
  4. "Undergroun Train" - 3:28
  5. "Gimmie Some Lovin'" - 2:34
  6. "Devil And A .45" - 3:36
  7. "Daddy Cry" - 3:17
  8. "Todays A Good Day" - 3:15
  9. "Jackie Chan" - 3:59
  10. "Rude, Rude Baby" - 2:28
  11. "Everything You Said Has Been A Lie" - 2:23
  12. "Spooky Graveyard" - 4:01
  13. "Big Red" - 4:06
  14. "Bye, Bye Baby" - 4:40
  15. "Weekend In L.A." - 4:15
  16. "Woyay" - 3:11
  17. "Rhythm And Pain" - 1:53

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A History of Ska (and a great ska sampler!)

For those of you who don' t know ska music, (or for those of you who would like to learn a little bit more about it), here are some useful links that can teach you about the history of ska.
Here's my brief history:
Ska originated in Jamaica during the 1950s, the precursor to rocksteady and reggae. It combined elements of American Jazz and blues, and Caribbean calypso. It was, for the first time, music that Jamaicans could call their own. This music spread throughout the world, and became popular in Britain, sparking the 2-tone movement of the late 70s and early 80s, characterized by bands like the Specials, Madness, and the Selecter. Ska soon spread throughout the world, and the "third wave" of ska began. It began mostly in America, with bands like the Toasters, Operation Ivy, and Bim Skala Bim in the 1980s. The third wave continued into the 1990s, with bands like Reel Big Fish, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Goldfinger, No Doubt, and Sublime.
Read more at:

For a brief video history watch:

or watch:
(its not that great, but what do expect from a mainstream TV show?)

and finally:
Part 2:

Now, if you like what you saw and read, check out this torrent.
It's a good start, but a little imbalanced as far as the third wave goes, but it's a good place for the beginning ska listener!


Hello all! I'd like to welcome you to The Great Ska Blog. I've noticed that there is a lack of Ska focused blogs on the net, and with my previous experience in blogging, I felt I could deliver just what the ska fans out there needed.